Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wonder Woman can Bite Me

A new favorite blog of mine posted something that said Wonder Woman can Bite Me. (http://paperpiecing.typepad.com) It’s a great blog entry. It talks about how some women can do it all, but most of the rest of us can’t. I am one who can’t. My life is so imperfect that I can not imagine having a finished to do list and still knowing in my heart that I spent plenty of time (quality time, not the stop doing that, and do not touch that time) with my 3 year old daughter and knowing that I got one good conversation with my husband in that day. I just do not think that in my world all of that is possible. I have to pick and choose. My to do list has taken on a life of its own (I am debating that if I crumble it up and set it on fire, if it will count as being completed). My Girl Kid is 3 going on 13. This at times is so funny – she now says What-ever (which she got from me) and at times it will drive me slap crazy. I have hobbies that I love, and I mean dearly love and yet I am so far behind on them that I might never ever catch up on them. My house is dirty most of the time. Not filthy just usually has a layer of dust and I have never cleaned my base boards (ick and I have lived here 4 years now). Okay so I may check facebook about 4 times a day (that’s not addicted). I just do not know if I will ever be the lady whose house is cleaned, has an organized scraproom, and has plenty of time to spend with family and friends (I get their birthdays mixed up). But like that blog entry said, Wonder Woman can bite me. Who wants to be a member of that club anyways.

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