Saturday, August 1, 2009

a sad day.

Yesterday was CarLee's last day with her Ms. "B". She will start school on Monday
Aug 3, 2009. It was hard she has been with Ms. Debbie since she was 8 weeks old.
I could never have wanted anyone else to take care of her. Ms. Debbie has loved
CarLee like she was hers and CarLee loves her "B". Yesterday was so hard, and
I am very scared how CarLee will adjust to her new school/environment. I know its
going to be very hard on Ms. B and CarLee and well this is not so easy for me. I knew
and know this Ms. Debbie would take awesome care of CarLee. She has for the last
3 and a half years. Putting CarLee in school is about me wanting her to have a head
start for school. I could be wrong about this. I hope that I am not. I am so grateful
for Ms Debbie, she has been there for CarLee and been there for me. Being a mom
has been easier because Ms. Debbie has been apart of our lives. I could never put
into words what she has meant to us. I know CarLee is going to miss seeing her
everyday, and so will I.

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