Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Things about Me

1.) I love to watch TV (and thats not such a good thing)

way to many favorite shows.

2.) I have to many things I want to do

3.) I am a morning person.

4.) I never took naps before I had Girl Kid, now i could take one everyday

sometimes twice a day, if the world would let me.

5.) I love a clean car on the inside (even though I hate to clean it), and could care

less what the outside looks like.

6.) I don't always get the joke, but will always laugh, then ask Lee what it means.

(he is the only one I never have to pretend with).

7.) I currently have over 100 premade scrapbook pages with no pictures on them.

8.) I associate music with my life ALOT. I hear certain songs and memories come to mind.

Music has always been like that for me and i like just about anything I can sing along too.

9.) I HATE roaches and dirty feet and finger nails.

10.) Believe that the potatoe salad the women in my family make should be a food group.

So I copied this from a Facebook Friends status.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Gifts of CarLee

WOW, she is 5. I can hardly believe it. I remember it being yesterday we brought her home. I remember it was yesterday when she started to walk. I remember it being yesterday that she had her first day of school. What all of a sudden I woke up and she is 5? How in the world did that happen so fast? She is smart and funny and really has the biggest heart ever. She has faith that God and Jesus will fix everything. She says things like everybody in the world is my family and I love my family. She thinks that a wet paper towel will make anything feel better. Her room is to much work for her to clean up. (It apparently is not to much work to mess up.) She loves her teacher Ms. Deb and I worry about her not liking any other teacher this much. She says she misses her puppies when she is tired and wants to go home. She sings that smell, by skynard which makes her daddy smile. She tells me I am her Favorite Mommy and she loves me all the way around the world. Her laugh makes my heart swell every time I hear it. The tears that some time fall down her cheeks makes my heart break. The imagination within her amazes me at times and baffles me at others. I have learned the art of negotiation and have had to re-sharpen my arguing skills. I see so many different people in her and yet She is completely unique. I remember laying in bed at night praying that God would let me have a baby. I remember praying that she would be healthy. I am so glad that God picked CarLee to be my daughter. There are so many things I want her to know, that I want to tell her. I try to think of way so put into words how much I love her, how special she is. The thing is the words never come. Seeing the world thru her eyes, her faith, her openness, most days it leaves me speechless. Some Random facts about CarLee @5. LOVES ponies, and papa tony She thinks that Nikki's boys are her brothers (even though she has a hard time with their names) She loves church, LOVES it. She gets excited over everything that is given to her. She says, what the holy heck, this is freakin me out, she has a beach house according to her everything happened the last yesterday or will happen the next tomorrow Her favorite color is pink she likes to eat, chicken nuggets, french fries, corn nuggets, pop tarts, popcorn shrimp, and well the rest is mostly junk. She gives her daddy a really hard time, but when is not home, she is constantly asking, wheres my daddy, when is my daddy coming home, i miss my daddy. she is in between watching baby cartoons; dora, diego and grown up cartoons; ben ten, avatar she loves dress and playing dress up says that when she is 30 she will have a house barn with horses, cows, camels, goats, pigs, cats and dogs, No chickens because they only have 2 legs. She loves to take naps in her Nannys bed, just like her mommy. she tries to negotiate everything. she argues about most things. Well that's all for now. I hope that she knows that I love her with all that I am and that she is all i ever wanted after I got her daddy. I am so blessed with my little family.