Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Things about Me

1.) I love to watch TV (and thats not such a good thing)

way to many favorite shows.

2.) I have to many things I want to do

3.) I am a morning person.

4.) I never took naps before I had Girl Kid, now i could take one everyday

sometimes twice a day, if the world would let me.

5.) I love a clean car on the inside (even though I hate to clean it), and could care

less what the outside looks like.

6.) I don't always get the joke, but will always laugh, then ask Lee what it means.

(he is the only one I never have to pretend with).

7.) I currently have over 100 premade scrapbook pages with no pictures on them.

8.) I associate music with my life ALOT. I hear certain songs and memories come to mind.

Music has always been like that for me and i like just about anything I can sing along too.

9.) I HATE roaches and dirty feet and finger nails.

10.) Believe that the potatoe salad the women in my family make should be a food group.

So I copied this from a Facebook Friends status.

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