Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Me – Reading the Twilight Saga…..

Okay so Lee bought me the first 2 books of the Twilight saga for Christmas, I am not really sure why. I think it was something to do with a conversation me and my Aunt Donna had, where she truly raved about the whole series. She is not someone I would have ever thought would read those books. She then told us my cousin Michael had also read the series. I was like okay sure I will read them, and then I kind of forgot about it. I was kind of determined not to read them. I have no idea why, I guess I just did not want to jump on “THAT” band wagon I guess. At Christmas Lee handed me the two books and said now you can read them. I was like okay sure. I put the books on a shelf in my closet with other books I was meaning to read.

Well the week of my birthday I came up the list of my 31 goals for my 31st year. I made reading the first two books to see what all they hype was about. So, then I decided I would watch the movie first. I watched Twilight and was like what is all the fuss about? The movie and well the acting kind of sucked to me. A lady at work is slightly obsessed with the whole Twilight thing, kept telling me about the books being better. She also told me the movie in no way showed how intense Edward and Bella were for each other. Okay so about 2 weeks later I watched some of Twilight again. I actually like most of the other characters more than I like Bella and Edward. I then found myself at Wal-Mart buying New Moon. I like the movie New Moon much better than Twilight. I wondered if this meant I was team Jacob or team Edward. (I think that’s the verbiage people are using.)

On Monday March 22, 2010 I started reading Twilight. I finished it that day. I then read New Moon on Tuesday March 23, 2010. I also finished it in one day. I just started on Eclipse. I do not know if I am obsessed with it or if I like it as much as everyone else does. See, well the books differ a little bit from all the other vampire stuff I know. I love the Dark Hunter Series by Sherilyn Kenyon ( I am also very much into the TV show Vampire Diaries right now. I do not know if all of this is affecting my ability to become all about Twilight or not. I will continue reading because now I just want to know how it all ends. I think I was much more into the Harry Potter series and even that passed as I have not seen the last movie that came out yet. I do not get overly excited about anything for very long. I wonder why that is. Maybe Eclipse will change my mind?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How many homes have you had????

"How many homes have you had?

I have lived in a lot of places. I moved more times than I would ever really like anyone to know. I look back at my childhood and think maybe my mom had a little bit of gypsy or nomad blood running thru her veins. I have lived and moved so much, but only a few places ever felt like home. I counted and just of the places and times I remember I have moved 27 times and lived 22 different places. Okay I am not making that up and I am not exaggerating. I had a very unsteady childhood, but it made me who I am.

The first place I remember living is in a trailer park called Darden’s Road. I do not remember a lot about this place. I was very young I remember my swing set in the yard, and watching a Superman movie. The next place I can remember living is a house in Palatka. I remember more of this house like where the rooms were and how it was laid out. I also recall there always being ants everywhere. We used to call it the ant hill house. This is also one of the first clear memories I have of my little sister. My Daddy Bill asked her what she wanted for dinner one night. She answered, “A Hanglebigle.” We could not figure out what she wanted. All of us in the house were trying to figure out what she wanted. It took for ever and she kept getting madder and madder about us not being able to figure it out. We finally did, she wanted a hamburger. The next place I lived was also in Palatka, in a trailer on a canal. I have more memories of this home also. I guess part of this was I was getting older. So, I guess this is my first home. We had Christmas here and birthdays and parties.

Then life changed and my mom and my daddy Bill got divorced and we moved a couple of times. We ended up in Maxville. This place was honestly the first place I felt like I was home. I have many memories here, and consider this place where I grew up. I only lived here till the 6th grade (on and off). Yet, I seriously consider this my childhood home. I had friends and a tree house. I got to run the dirt roads and swim in a creek. It is so much of who I am and I think why I will always consider myself a country girl (that and my family lives in Wellborn). We moved from here when I was in the 6th grade and then I got the news that it had burned down. I felt like my world had crashed down around me. I always thought that we would go back. We never did go back.

I moved again and again after that, went to Pine Forest 6th grade Center, Fort Caroline Middle School, Landmark Middle School. We lived in a duplex then off of McCormick.
We lived there for 3 years. I guess this was a home too. Although I am not sure I really felt like this was home, my sister really felt like this was home. I was a horrible teenager by this point and not sure I liked or felt anything here. I know looking back that I was not a good kid while I lived here. I was extremely troubled by this point. So, I was in a very rebellious phase. I have some really good memories of living in this house. But, again I do not know if it really felt like home to me.

After the start of my 10th grade year, we moved again and I had to change high schools. We lived in an apartment and then my senior year we moved into a house. I have to say by this point I was just really waiting to move out and into my own place. I know you are probably thinking what you are only in 10th grade, well let’s just say being at home, was not something I wanted. I am sure that I will always need counseling for my childhood, but really it made me who I am, so I am okay with my childhood. It was while living in these apartments that I met Lee. My life changed when I met him. We moved from this apartment to a house before the start of my senior year. Lee moved in with us the year after I graduated in 1998. We last for a few months with my mom then we moved out on our own.

The first place we ever lived together alone was a one bedroom duplex. I look back at pictures we hardly had anything, and then we had more. This was the first place where I lived for years at a time. (I did move out for about six months when me and Lee went thru what I call a growing phase.) So much happened in this tiny place. We moved again into the other side of the duplex and well I cried. I mean we literally moved 20 feet and I bawled like a baby. This tiny side of the duplex was the first place that was ever really my home. It was a place that was mine and I was moving for a good reason a want to reason. It’s hard to explain, but when you spend your childhood moving so much, you do not ever want to move. But we did, right next door, people must have thought we were crazy walking out one door and going 20 feet to another door and carrying a bed and a couch. I have to admit when I look back it was pretty funny.

We lived on the bigger side of the duplex for about 3 years. In this side we grew up some more and more or less started turning into grown ups. We got better jobs and started to be more responsible and started to well I guess mature. It was also in this side that major decisions were made. It was also the first place that the really bad stuff touched us. This is also the home were we decided to have a baby.

We moved one more time, to our first house, our third home together. It is a real house and me, Lee and CarLee (and sharkbait and sushi) make it a home. I love my house, I love being, home, it’s where I always want to go.

Side Note: There is one other place that my heart feels like it’s home. That would be my Nanny’s. I also think of Tony's as my safe house.

Monday, March 15, 2010

this weekend

This Weekend

Well, I actually enjoyed this weekend A LOT. I did not do anything exciting and realized if more of my weekends were like this last one, my life would feel and be much more relaxing. Again, it is not as if I partied and played all weekend, but it was a very enjoyable weekend.

– I woke up and started cleaning. I need to do this for the health of my house and maybe for my mental health. In the middle of cleaning my friend Tonya (Ms. “B”’s daughter) called, and she and Ms.”B” had seen a huge my little pony castle at a garage sale. I jumped in my car and raced to get it. It’s so awesome. The girl kid is going to love it. She was with me when I bought it, but I have been hiding it from here since then hoping she will forget it. I am not sure if this is going to work, but I am really hoping that it does. I want her to have an awesome birthday since we are not having a birthday party for her. Then I went home and finished cleaning. Then me and girl kid took a little nap, her in the chair and me on the couch. Then Daddy/Lee came home. We then hit a couple of Goodwill’s (I am looking for an old dresser, to make a kitchen island out of). CarLee (aka girl kid) found a cash register to play with for 99 cents and me well I found a Longaberger basket for $3.99 it’s awesome. I think it’s called a pie basket and it has an attached lid, and it came with a fabric liner. It’s so cool, I love it! Then it was Captain D’s for dinner, and then my dad came over for a little while.

We made it to church, which was a great message both during Sunday school and the actual service. I then made the decision to join the art ministry. I am very excited about this. I am not sure what exactly it will entail, but I am hoping it will get me more involved in the church. I am also volunteering Friday at a fair at Oakleaf Elementary with the church. It’s time to give back. Then Papa Tony came over and we went to get CarLee and air purifier (hopefully this will help her from getting sick). Then I took a two hour nap. I got up and convinced Lee to go to the store and get stuff for nachos. He surprised me with 2 movies. G-Force (Poop in his hand, Poop in his hand!) I loved this movie and hope someone gets it for CarLee for her birthday. He also got me Halloween II (the new one directed by Rob Zombie). I loved the first set of Halloween movies, not sure why since they are really cheesy. I also like the first Halloween directed by Rob Zombie, but this 2nd one was totally weird and extremely gory. I just did not get it.

See nothing all that exciting going on, but it was a weekend that goes down as being pretty good in my book. I love my husband, I love my girl kid, and I love my life. I have been blessed!
my kid informed me she wanted 2 hush puppies, 3 corn nuggets, 6 chicken nuggets, and 7 sweet potatoe fries for dinner. glad she knows exactly what she wants, and hopefully the pop tart i just found her eating wont spoil her appetite for all the above food she stated she wanted.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gotta Love My Girl Kid

Gotta Love my Girl Kid

I got a phone call yesterday to come and get CarLee from school, that she was not feeling well. So I went to get my baby from school. When I got there she was just sitting on her mat with her blankets, looking very pitiful with her bottom lip all stuck out. She really looked very sad and my heart broke just a little looking at her. I sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong, “Mommy I am so cold.” Okay well that did it; I picked her up and took her home. She must have really felt bad, because she went right to her room and lay down. She took a 3 hour nap. Then she still did not get all rowdy and rambunctious like she normally is.

About 7:30 she was back in her room and I went to check on her. She looked up at me and asked, “Is it time to sleep yet?” I told her if that’s what she wanted to do she could go to sleep. “Mommy I wanna see the moon and the stars.” I picked her up and took her out side (this is getting harder for me, see I am 5’2” and she is 42 inches). We looked up and could not see a star or the moon. She asked me where they were, and I explained the clouds were coving them up. “But, now I can not make a wish.” If that is not just the saddest thing ever? We went back in. Her daddy asked what we were doing and I told him she wanted to go outside to see the moon and the stars. But, we could not see the stars and how CarLee had wanted to make a wish. He asked her, “What were you gonna wish?” “For a real horsey.” Yup my kid was gonna wish for a real horse. This is so not good. I can not buy her a real horse and even if I could where on earth would I put it?

So yesterday was bad and good. Our air condition needs to be replaced, yup so right now we have no heat or ac. CarLee was sick. Yet, it’s a day I am gonna remember. Who could not remember a day when their kid could not make a wish on a star. I love her so much and I am really sad that she was sick, but she wanted to sit in my lap, she wanted me to hold her. Those days are so few and far between now.

PS : She wanted to paint her own fingernails, we explained to her that you can not paint your own nails, by saying see mommy can not paint her own nails. I then held up my hand and showed her my fingernail polish free hands. She said, “That’s okay mommy, I will paint yours.” That is exactly what she did. I am proud of myself for not removing the nail polish too. Gotta Love my Girl Kid!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My 10 favorite Scents or smells

My 10 favorite scents or smells

Okay so anyone who knows me knows I am so weird about this. I associate a lot of stuff with smells. A smell can take me back in time or remember something. I have a habit of sniffing stuff given to me. I told you guys I am totally weird about this kind of stuff. I want to state that I do not know if these things are real scents and smells.

One and my favorite hands down, my Nanny’s house, it brings me comfort. If she gives me a blanket I will go as long as I can without washing it. Once it is washed it won’t smell like her house. She gave me this awesome china cabinet and I could open the doors or a drawer and it would bring me comfort. My husband redid it for me and I love the way it looks now, but painting it took away the smell. The smell is a little of the original gain and well my Nanny. When I wrap myself up in a blanket that has just come from her I feel safe. (Just like I feel when I am at her house.)

Two – I love the way CarLee smelled when she was a baby. She smelled so sweet and like a baby. It was this clean smell all baby and baby lotion. She lost that smell right after she turned a year old. I can not get it back. I have tried washing her in the same soap and putting lotion on her just like when she was a baby. Yet, the baby smell is long gone. It’s not like she stinks now, it’s just not that baby smell.

Three- Peppers and onions frying in a frying pan. This smell takes me way back in time to my Grandma Joanne’s. She has been gone for so long yet when I catch a whiff of this scent, it’s like I am standing in her kitchen. I can feel the cold floor under my feet and I can see how everything was then. I don’t now why this scent does that to me. I am sure that I never ate peppers and onions at her house (I could have but she passed away when I was 7).

Four I love the way that coconut and pineapple smell, like the smell of like suntan lotion. This makes feel all summery and happy. It just something that smells like this I feel happy and ready to the beach or pool or just out in the sunshine.

Five – Tommy cologne on my husband. This is my husband thru and thru I love to put on one of his t-shirts just so I can smell him. He wears Tommy everyday and has for the last 10 or so years. I don’t know if I even like the way Tommy smells on another man, (because I don’t go around sniffing other men, just mine). Yet, when ever I smell it the scent brings my husband to my mind. (I love him so much).

Six- Cookies just out of the oven, it’s the smell of home (and if you move, just make some cookies and you will automatically feel more at home!)
Seven- The country. I love the way it smells in the spring time.
Eight – My daughters hair after it’s just been washed with baby shampoo.
Nine- Right now candles that smell of vanilla and lime.
Ten- Bar B Q – I am after all a Southern Girl.

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 places I would love to visit

Okay this is another random post.

Five places I would like to visit are:

Okay so I am not a world traveler and I am never going to be one. This is something I am okay with. I love home, and I learned after 6 hours on a plane over the ocean to get to Hawaii, being over the water that long makes me very uncomfortable. But, I am going to list some places today about where I would really like to go.

Tennessee – Nashville, Memphis, Pigeon Forest. I love country music and this history that comes with. Okay Memphis of course to see Graceland, Duh. Not that I am a huge Elvis fan but would still like to check out Graceland and some of the other places there. I would like to hang out in the mountains in Tennessee. I am counting this as one place I would like to visit, because it’s all in the same state and well this is my list.

NYC- okay yes I have been there twice (but technically only a total of 4 days), but I LOVE it. I could never live there but I love to visit and act all touristy. (Which my cousin Katie, once told me not to do.) It is so busy and full of life. I love just wondering around. I would like to spend a week there just doing nothing really. There is so much you can do and see for free. Plus, think of all the history here. I love walking around the village. I am a people watcher and there are so many people to watch here. I can not wait to get back.

A week at a SPA - I am not sure if most people would consider this a place. If I had the resources I would love to spend a week at a spa being pampered. It would not be weight loss spa. It would be one with wonderful food, awesome massages, my favorite books, and me with no cell phone or email or anything. I think I could so handle that. Total relaxation and no responsibility. I have always had to responsible and I have really never known freedom.

Disney World– I would need to have unlimited funds for this trip also, I would want my Girl Kid to have an awesome time. I would want her to be in a parade and meet all the princesses. I would want her to have a different princess dress for each day and of course be able to spend the night in Cinderella’s castle. This trip and this place would be all about her. I would want her to smile for as long as we were there.

Paris – I would suffer being over the ocean to go there. I don’t really know why other than to say I had been there. I would want to stay in an awesome hotel. I want to see everything there is to see there. I think mostly to say that I did. I could visit little shops and villages and fairs. Maybe this is not a good reason to go there, but I would still find it fascinating. Whenever I get ready to go somewhere I start researching it, so I am sure I would find tons of stuff I would love to do there.

I am sure there are other places I would love to see or go too, but today this is my list and pretty much in the order I would want to visit them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WHAT THE........

What The …….

This has become one of my girl kid’s favorite saying. When she first started saying, which I think was last Friday, it was cute. Then I got to really thinking about it. Where had she heard that? I do not say it and her Daddy does not say that. Also, let me explain all she says is “What the…” there is never a word after the what the part. She says this all the time. She also says it when it would be appropriate to say it. As, in when something goes wrong or when something does not go her way or when I am doing something. I ignored it for most of the weekend, thinking this is not the worst thing she could say. Then the more I thought about it, the more it really started to bother me. Why is she saying it? What if she started adding a word to it? It really does not sound like a nice thing for a 3 year old (who will be for 4 in 27 days!!!) to say. So when I picked her up from school today I asked her teacher if she knew where CarLee had picked it up, and she stated that another little boy was saying it too. I asked them to get onto CarLee for saying it. Then when CarLee said it yesterday afternoon I let her know that it was not a nice thing to say. I simply told her that I would like her to not say that any more and if she did she would get into trouble. She did not say it again. Then when Lee got home I told him. He wanted to know why I thought it was a big deal. I am not really sure why this started to bother me, so it was hard to explain to him. He said okay while giving me a funny look. I am still not sure why this bothers me like it does, I just really do not think that what the… is a good thing for a 4 year old little girl to say. Am I wrong?

Example of other things she is says these days….
1.) everyone is a slow poke
2.) she loves to say you can not get me and run
3.) nanana boo boo you cant get me is another one
4.) and if she likes something then she exclaims “I LOVE IT”

She continues to amaze me with all she does, oh and on the other hand she can try my patience beyond belief. She will argue a point until we are both blue in the face and she tries hard to get her point across. I love that she is very independent.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Define Kindness:

Define Kindness:

By definition of

Kindness- is the act or state of being kind, and marked by charitable behavior, marked by mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness, and concern for others.

Simply put kindness is being nice. If you are showing someone kindness you are being nice to them. Everyone has the ability to show others kindness. Yet, it’s a choice to show kindness, to act on it. If you are offering support to someone having a rough time, hold open a door for someone with their hand full, or pass over a penny to someone who is a penny short, these are all acts of kindness. The act of kindness can be big or small just do it with love in your heart.

I would like to believe that I am kind. At times I know that I am kind, yet am I kind to everyone or only to those that I deem worthy of my kindness. I would like to teach my daughter kindness. Unconditional kindness so that she is kind to everyone.

I have known very few people who were unconditionally kind, only 2 that were like that every time I saw them. They were sweet and always willing to do whatever they could for whomever they could. My Grandma Estelle and my Aunt Pat these two women always spoke with a quiet voice and did what ever they could for anyone they could. I know that they were always unconditionally kind to me and whenever I was around they came across that way. (This is my perception of these two women.)

started on my 31@31

Okay so on my list of 31@31 was to finally organize and decorate my scrapbook room.

So I worked on this yesterday. It started out with a trip to the Goodwill to drop stuff off. Then we (me and Lee (CarLee was with us)) asked the manager if they had a bunk bed. He answered yes, and took us inside to show it to us. It was not what we are looking for; we are looking for just a top bunk to give CarLee more room to play in her room. The bed he had was with the twin on top and full size bed on the bottom. But low and behold the good will had and old time school desk. Lee and I were so excited, way more excited than CarLee was. The desk got loaded into my car and took it to the house. Once we had the desk home we had to figure out where to put it. Then it hit me, my scrap book room. (Currently this room is being called the crap room right now.) This decision had us changing out the big book shelf in the crap room for the little book shelf in CarLee’s room. This took some doing since I had a lot of crap on the big book shelf. This room is not anywhere to being done, but for the first time since we moved into the house and I got a crap room, I mean a scrap room it looks like it has always looked in my head. So, if I keep working on it I am sure that I will get it there… Eventually.