Monday, March 15, 2010

this weekend

This Weekend

Well, I actually enjoyed this weekend A LOT. I did not do anything exciting and realized if more of my weekends were like this last one, my life would feel and be much more relaxing. Again, it is not as if I partied and played all weekend, but it was a very enjoyable weekend.

– I woke up and started cleaning. I need to do this for the health of my house and maybe for my mental health. In the middle of cleaning my friend Tonya (Ms. “B”’s daughter) called, and she and Ms.”B” had seen a huge my little pony castle at a garage sale. I jumped in my car and raced to get it. It’s so awesome. The girl kid is going to love it. She was with me when I bought it, but I have been hiding it from here since then hoping she will forget it. I am not sure if this is going to work, but I am really hoping that it does. I want her to have an awesome birthday since we are not having a birthday party for her. Then I went home and finished cleaning. Then me and girl kid took a little nap, her in the chair and me on the couch. Then Daddy/Lee came home. We then hit a couple of Goodwill’s (I am looking for an old dresser, to make a kitchen island out of). CarLee (aka girl kid) found a cash register to play with for 99 cents and me well I found a Longaberger basket for $3.99 it’s awesome. I think it’s called a pie basket and it has an attached lid, and it came with a fabric liner. It’s so cool, I love it! Then it was Captain D’s for dinner, and then my dad came over for a little while.

We made it to church, which was a great message both during Sunday school and the actual service. I then made the decision to join the art ministry. I am very excited about this. I am not sure what exactly it will entail, but I am hoping it will get me more involved in the church. I am also volunteering Friday at a fair at Oakleaf Elementary with the church. It’s time to give back. Then Papa Tony came over and we went to get CarLee and air purifier (hopefully this will help her from getting sick). Then I took a two hour nap. I got up and convinced Lee to go to the store and get stuff for nachos. He surprised me with 2 movies. G-Force (Poop in his hand, Poop in his hand!) I loved this movie and hope someone gets it for CarLee for her birthday. He also got me Halloween II (the new one directed by Rob Zombie). I loved the first set of Halloween movies, not sure why since they are really cheesy. I also like the first Halloween directed by Rob Zombie, but this 2nd one was totally weird and extremely gory. I just did not get it.

See nothing all that exciting going on, but it was a weekend that goes down as being pretty good in my book. I love my husband, I love my girl kid, and I love my life. I have been blessed!
my kid informed me she wanted 2 hush puppies, 3 corn nuggets, 6 chicken nuggets, and 7 sweet potatoe fries for dinner. glad she knows exactly what she wants, and hopefully the pop tart i just found her eating wont spoil her appetite for all the above food she stated she wanted.

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