Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WHAT THE........

What The …….

This has become one of my girl kid’s favorite saying. When she first started saying, which I think was last Friday, it was cute. Then I got to really thinking about it. Where had she heard that? I do not say it and her Daddy does not say that. Also, let me explain all she says is “What the…” there is never a word after the what the part. She says this all the time. She also says it when it would be appropriate to say it. As, in when something goes wrong or when something does not go her way or when I am doing something. I ignored it for most of the weekend, thinking this is not the worst thing she could say. Then the more I thought about it, the more it really started to bother me. Why is she saying it? What if she started adding a word to it? It really does not sound like a nice thing for a 3 year old (who will be for 4 in 27 days!!!) to say. So when I picked her up from school today I asked her teacher if she knew where CarLee had picked it up, and she stated that another little boy was saying it too. I asked them to get onto CarLee for saying it. Then when CarLee said it yesterday afternoon I let her know that it was not a nice thing to say. I simply told her that I would like her to not say that any more and if she did she would get into trouble. She did not say it again. Then when Lee got home I told him. He wanted to know why I thought it was a big deal. I am not really sure why this started to bother me, so it was hard to explain to him. He said okay while giving me a funny look. I am still not sure why this bothers me like it does, I just really do not think that what the… is a good thing for a 4 year old little girl to say. Am I wrong?

Example of other things she is says these days….
1.) everyone is a slow poke
2.) she loves to say you can not get me and run
3.) nanana boo boo you cant get me is another one
4.) and if she likes something then she exclaims “I LOVE IT”

She continues to amaze me with all she does, oh and on the other hand she can try my patience beyond belief. She will argue a point until we are both blue in the face and she tries hard to get her point across. I love that she is very independent.

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