Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gotta Love My Girl Kid

Gotta Love my Girl Kid

I got a phone call yesterday to come and get CarLee from school, that she was not feeling well. So I went to get my baby from school. When I got there she was just sitting on her mat with her blankets, looking very pitiful with her bottom lip all stuck out. She really looked very sad and my heart broke just a little looking at her. I sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong, “Mommy I am so cold.” Okay well that did it; I picked her up and took her home. She must have really felt bad, because she went right to her room and lay down. She took a 3 hour nap. Then she still did not get all rowdy and rambunctious like she normally is.

About 7:30 she was back in her room and I went to check on her. She looked up at me and asked, “Is it time to sleep yet?” I told her if that’s what she wanted to do she could go to sleep. “Mommy I wanna see the moon and the stars.” I picked her up and took her out side (this is getting harder for me, see I am 5’2” and she is 42 inches). We looked up and could not see a star or the moon. She asked me where they were, and I explained the clouds were coving them up. “But, now I can not make a wish.” If that is not just the saddest thing ever? We went back in. Her daddy asked what we were doing and I told him she wanted to go outside to see the moon and the stars. But, we could not see the stars and how CarLee had wanted to make a wish. He asked her, “What were you gonna wish?” “For a real horsey.” Yup my kid was gonna wish for a real horse. This is so not good. I can not buy her a real horse and even if I could where on earth would I put it?

So yesterday was bad and good. Our air condition needs to be replaced, yup so right now we have no heat or ac. CarLee was sick. Yet, it’s a day I am gonna remember. Who could not remember a day when their kid could not make a wish on a star. I love her so much and I am really sad that she was sick, but she wanted to sit in my lap, she wanted me to hold her. Those days are so few and far between now.

PS : She wanted to paint her own fingernails, we explained to her that you can not paint your own nails, by saying see mommy can not paint her own nails. I then held up my hand and showed her my fingernail polish free hands. She said, “That’s okay mommy, I will paint yours.” That is exactly what she did. I am proud of myself for not removing the nail polish too. Gotta Love my Girl Kid!

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