Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Me – Reading the Twilight Saga…..

Okay so Lee bought me the first 2 books of the Twilight saga for Christmas, I am not really sure why. I think it was something to do with a conversation me and my Aunt Donna had, where she truly raved about the whole series. She is not someone I would have ever thought would read those books. She then told us my cousin Michael had also read the series. I was like okay sure I will read them, and then I kind of forgot about it. I was kind of determined not to read them. I have no idea why, I guess I just did not want to jump on “THAT” band wagon I guess. At Christmas Lee handed me the two books and said now you can read them. I was like okay sure. I put the books on a shelf in my closet with other books I was meaning to read.

Well the week of my birthday I came up the list of my 31 goals for my 31st year. I made reading the first two books to see what all they hype was about. So, then I decided I would watch the movie first. I watched Twilight and was like what is all the fuss about? The movie and well the acting kind of sucked to me. A lady at work is slightly obsessed with the whole Twilight thing, kept telling me about the books being better. She also told me the movie in no way showed how intense Edward and Bella were for each other. Okay so about 2 weeks later I watched some of Twilight again. I actually like most of the other characters more than I like Bella and Edward. I then found myself at Wal-Mart buying New Moon. I like the movie New Moon much better than Twilight. I wondered if this meant I was team Jacob or team Edward. (I think that’s the verbiage people are using.)

On Monday March 22, 2010 I started reading Twilight. I finished it that day. I then read New Moon on Tuesday March 23, 2010. I also finished it in one day. I just started on Eclipse. I do not know if I am obsessed with it or if I like it as much as everyone else does. See, well the books differ a little bit from all the other vampire stuff I know. I love the Dark Hunter Series by Sherilyn Kenyon ( I am also very much into the TV show Vampire Diaries right now. I do not know if all of this is affecting my ability to become all about Twilight or not. I will continue reading because now I just want to know how it all ends. I think I was much more into the Harry Potter series and even that passed as I have not seen the last movie that came out yet. I do not get overly excited about anything for very long. I wonder why that is. Maybe Eclipse will change my mind?

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