Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Radom Stuff….

I finished reading the Twilight Series. I read all 4 books in 5 days. They were good books and I still find myself thinking about them now that they are over. I am also looking forward to seeing the third movie Eclipse. I did enjoy reading them, but am still wondering why everyone is obsessed with the books and with Edward. I guess I will have to keep wondering because no one will explain it to me.

We took CarLee to ride on a horse for her birthday. It was nothing exciting just us handing leading her and the horse. I think she enjoyed it, but I also think my girl kid is pretty smart. I think she realized that there was something more to the horse back riding thing. I guess we will have to take her again soon.

I had Monday the 29th off from work, (had a migraine) and cleaned up and cleaned out her room. We are going to have a yard sale this upcoming weekend. I am shooting to make enough to pay for her day care and maybe rejoin the gym. I really need to exercise.

March 30th 2010 I received notice that I had 30 days left on my job. So as of April 30th, I will no longer have a job. So I will get to start job hunting and interview again. How very exciting for me? Wish me luck and if you hear of anything please let me know!

I watched a movie on the Lifetime Movie Network called Amish Grace. This movie was so awesome. It was based on a true story. A man went in to an Amish school house and shot and killed some students. I think I cried for most of the movie. It was about FAITH and forgiveness. I was really moved by this movie.

Air Conditioner Update- it is fixed.

Saturday was Easter in Lake City we had a good time. I will post pictures again as soon as I have them edited.

Sunday Me and Girl kid went to church. It was an awesome service. I realized that I need to live my life like the Resurrection MATTERS.

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