Monday, April 19, 2010

time savers??? not really

I read an article in real simple magazine in the April 2010. The article was about 10 modern time savers that really aren’t. I found the article to be very interesting and at least partly true for me. I did discover that some of the items have never even touched my life. Their list reads:
1. DVR
2. Interstate System
3. Commuter Flight
4. Digital Camera
5. Coffeemaker
6. Electric Shaver
7. Online Grocery Shopping
8. E-Mail
9. Computerized Call Centers
10. Roomba Cleaning Robot

1.) The DVR is supposed to be a time saver? Really it made it so much easier for me to watch TV now. I used to have to pick which shows to watch or stay up late or tape stuff onto VHS (which is super hard to do now, that VCRs are becoming extinct). I can now watch just about whatever I want to. I can also record a whole series and wait to watch all of the episodes at one time! I can also make plans and not have to worry about what is coming on TV. I love to watch TV so this is like a dream invention for my life. It may not save me time, but I sure enjoy it.
2.) Interstate System this is something else that I had not known was considered to be a time saver. It gets clogged up all the time.
3.) Commuter flight so does not affect me.
4.) Digital Camera I do not think this time saver saves me time either. I am always taking pictures now. I don’t even know if get to enjoy the moment like I want to, but I do enjoy the moment, because I enjoy taking pictures. I spend time taking pictures, deleting pictures, looking at them and editing them. So this does not save me time, it takes up more of my time!
5.) Coffeemaker I do not have one. I may drink a cup every now and then.
6.) Electric Shaver I have never used one.
7.) Online Grocery Shopping. What there is such a thing?
8.) E-mail, this is in no way a time saver. I check my email all the time.
9.) Computerized Call Center, well they just be banned.
10.)Roomba Cleaning Robot I have heard of it. I just have a problem with a robot being loose in my house.

Okay so maybe this was a little random and a little weird, but hey its my blog!

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