Monday, March 8, 2010

5 places I would love to visit

Okay this is another random post.

Five places I would like to visit are:

Okay so I am not a world traveler and I am never going to be one. This is something I am okay with. I love home, and I learned after 6 hours on a plane over the ocean to get to Hawaii, being over the water that long makes me very uncomfortable. But, I am going to list some places today about where I would really like to go.

Tennessee – Nashville, Memphis, Pigeon Forest. I love country music and this history that comes with. Okay Memphis of course to see Graceland, Duh. Not that I am a huge Elvis fan but would still like to check out Graceland and some of the other places there. I would like to hang out in the mountains in Tennessee. I am counting this as one place I would like to visit, because it’s all in the same state and well this is my list.

NYC- okay yes I have been there twice (but technically only a total of 4 days), but I LOVE it. I could never live there but I love to visit and act all touristy. (Which my cousin Katie, once told me not to do.) It is so busy and full of life. I love just wondering around. I would like to spend a week there just doing nothing really. There is so much you can do and see for free. Plus, think of all the history here. I love walking around the village. I am a people watcher and there are so many people to watch here. I can not wait to get back.

A week at a SPA - I am not sure if most people would consider this a place. If I had the resources I would love to spend a week at a spa being pampered. It would not be weight loss spa. It would be one with wonderful food, awesome massages, my favorite books, and me with no cell phone or email or anything. I think I could so handle that. Total relaxation and no responsibility. I have always had to responsible and I have really never known freedom.

Disney World– I would need to have unlimited funds for this trip also, I would want my Girl Kid to have an awesome time. I would want her to be in a parade and meet all the princesses. I would want her to have a different princess dress for each day and of course be able to spend the night in Cinderella’s castle. This trip and this place would be all about her. I would want her to smile for as long as we were there.

Paris – I would suffer being over the ocean to go there. I don’t really know why other than to say I had been there. I would want to stay in an awesome hotel. I want to see everything there is to see there. I think mostly to say that I did. I could visit little shops and villages and fairs. Maybe this is not a good reason to go there, but I would still find it fascinating. Whenever I get ready to go somewhere I start researching it, so I am sure I would find tons of stuff I would love to do there.

I am sure there are other places I would love to see or go too, but today this is my list and pretty much in the order I would want to visit them.

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