Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My 10 favorite Scents or smells

My 10 favorite scents or smells

Okay so anyone who knows me knows I am so weird about this. I associate a lot of stuff with smells. A smell can take me back in time or remember something. I have a habit of sniffing stuff given to me. I told you guys I am totally weird about this kind of stuff. I want to state that I do not know if these things are real scents and smells.

One and my favorite hands down, my Nanny’s house, it brings me comfort. If she gives me a blanket I will go as long as I can without washing it. Once it is washed it won’t smell like her house. She gave me this awesome china cabinet and I could open the doors or a drawer and it would bring me comfort. My husband redid it for me and I love the way it looks now, but painting it took away the smell. The smell is a little of the original gain and well my Nanny. When I wrap myself up in a blanket that has just come from her I feel safe. (Just like I feel when I am at her house.)

Two – I love the way CarLee smelled when she was a baby. She smelled so sweet and like a baby. It was this clean smell all baby and baby lotion. She lost that smell right after she turned a year old. I can not get it back. I have tried washing her in the same soap and putting lotion on her just like when she was a baby. Yet, the baby smell is long gone. It’s not like she stinks now, it’s just not that baby smell.

Three- Peppers and onions frying in a frying pan. This smell takes me way back in time to my Grandma Joanne’s. She has been gone for so long yet when I catch a whiff of this scent, it’s like I am standing in her kitchen. I can feel the cold floor under my feet and I can see how everything was then. I don’t now why this scent does that to me. I am sure that I never ate peppers and onions at her house (I could have but she passed away when I was 7).

Four I love the way that coconut and pineapple smell, like the smell of like suntan lotion. This makes feel all summery and happy. It just something that smells like this I feel happy and ready to the beach or pool or just out in the sunshine.

Five – Tommy cologne on my husband. This is my husband thru and thru I love to put on one of his t-shirts just so I can smell him. He wears Tommy everyday and has for the last 10 or so years. I don’t know if I even like the way Tommy smells on another man, (because I don’t go around sniffing other men, just mine). Yet, when ever I smell it the scent brings my husband to my mind. (I love him so much).

Six- Cookies just out of the oven, it’s the smell of home (and if you move, just make some cookies and you will automatically feel more at home!)
Seven- The country. I love the way it smells in the spring time.
Eight – My daughters hair after it’s just been washed with baby shampoo.
Nine- Right now candles that smell of vanilla and lime.
Ten- Bar B Q – I am after all a Southern Girl.

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