Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God Made CarLee

This is from CarLee's Sunday School class from 2008-2009. She moved up last Sunday. I see this and am glad that CarLee loves church. It also makes me very thankful for all of those people at my church who love and help take care of CarLee. She was there for the one year old class and those Teachers the Stika's who where CarLee's first experience with church. I believe they helped her grow to love it the way she does. Ms Jeni and Mr Herb for all those Wed nights and CarLee being so excited she could not eat. To the Perkin's who this past year helped her get ready to move on to where she is now. These are all people who have helped my daughter to know God and Jesus Christ and gave and give their time to her. There are others who give their time also and to them I am grateful too. I am sorry if this all sounds a little mushy, but I was trying to organize CarLee's papers (I seem to be keeping everything) and this piece of paper and what it means and symbolizes really got to me. I am blessed with a beautiful and healthy (had her physical today. 40 and 1/2 inches and 36.4 pounds) daughter. I am so thankful but wanted those at church to know that I appreciate all that you have given to my daughter.

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