Monday, August 24, 2009

The Moment

Okay so today I am going to talk about remember to seize the moment. Yesterday CarLee wanted to go swimming. So, Lee pulled out the blow-up pool that we have had in the attic for about 2 years. He set it up and CarLee began to play. I watched for a while and took a few or 20 pictures. Then I was like, “WHATEVER”. I got off of my butt and climbed into that tiny pool with her. I just remember thinking I am so never going to get this time back. We shared the tiny pool and played catch with a little blow up ball, made waves and splashed each other. Then of course she said, “I will be right back” and got out of the pool. I sat and waited and she never came back out. I must have looked like a dork, but it’s was a small price to pay for those few minutes with my little girl.

Someone told me today not to be sad because she was growing up, but just take a breath and look at the person I had a hand in creating. I really want to do that. CarLee is her own person. I see a little bit of other people in her but for the most part she is all her own person, she is CarLee BarLee as she calls herself. I want to take more time to seize these moments. One day she will be off doing her own thing, but for right now she is pretty happy to hang out with her Mommy and Daddy. I think she may actually like us right now too. How about that?

So let me tell a story. Lee brought home a very tiny kitten on Thursday night, and CarLee fell in love with it. I did not want a kitten (really I did not want or need anything else to take care of). Friday night we went over to celebrate my friend Lisa’s birthday. We had a good time. Then once we got home the kitten would not stop meowing. CarLee would not leave the kitten alone. She had to hold it, let it go, the kitten would hide, CarLee would freak out, and then make me find the kitten. This went on and finally I called me and said do something before I go slap crazy. Lee came home and took the kitten to his brothers. So, yesterday Sunday after Church I took her to pet smart and got her a fish. This morning she called me at work (pretty sure Lee dialed the number) to tell me her fish was doing tricks, it was swimming upside down. So on the way home from work today I will do the timeless mother trick and replace the fish before she gets home.
It’s good to me, not so good to be CarLee’s gold fish. I am pretty sure she stuck her hand in the fish tank at some point. I will try to stress to her that she can not do that.

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