Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Special Moment

This is my Nanny. She is awesome and well last Tuesday she had a special moment, that she says left her feeling more at peace than she has ever felt. As she put it in simple terms her and GOD had them an old fashioned pow-wow. Well this past Sunday she got up at her church and gave her testimony. She called me yesterday to tell me that this upcoming Saturday August 22, 2009 she was going to be re-baptized. She explained she really wanted me there and that this would mean so much to her. I got very emotional. She has had a life that no one could ever imagine and I believe her faith got her thru all of it. I could not be more happy for her or more proud of her. This is going to be a big day and I so can not wait to share in it. I love this woman very much. I can not wait to show CarLee pictures from Saturday and share the story of her Nanny washing away the old and coming up a new person. Its a very big day so if you are reading this on Saturday August 22, 2009 at around 3pm send up a prayer and a thank you for all blessings in my Nanny's Honor.

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