Wednesday, August 12, 2009


To choose joy over the fear and vulnerability of being different or weird or ridiculed is a tremendous act of courage - one that touches all of us.

I saw that on someone else's blog and it hit a nerve. If everyone stayed in their comfort zone or acted like everyone else, well the world would be boring. I have a brother in-law who is probably not considered normal, but he is to me, because to me he is just being himself. He does not care what others think he is just who he is. I find this brave. I am sure there are people who have to deal with others not accepting them all the time. It could be about looks, it could be about attitude or something totally different.

I hope I am open and accepting to whichever or whatever way my daughter goes, as long as she is being TRUE to herself. I want her to have courage to be whatever she wants to be. On the inside and the outside.

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