Monday, August 3, 2009

LoOK wHaT WE madE for CarLee

Okay do you know what that is? We made a tent or canopy for CarLee's bed.
CarLee love tents, loves to make them and I know this will not stop that but hey I still thinks it's pretty cool and we totally made it ourselves. PVC Pipe, curtains, material and well honestly some mistakes and some cussing. We thought it would take a few minutes and it took a couple of hours. I had to break out the sewing machine.. I so want a new one bought from jo-anne's so I can get the classes that go along with using the dang thing. So she will have a surprise when she gets home from "Skool" as she called it this morning. Plus, I am baking her a cake. Back to the thing on her bed, both me and lee got in there and its pretty neat-o.....Its purple, pink & cam-o. I really hope she as excited about it as we were about finishing it. We sure did laugh hard at ourselves. Oh, I also made a curtain out of the leftovers.

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