Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday Night

All I can say is CarLee fell in the bath tub and hit her nose. Everything is all good now. I was freakin out last night though. Nose bleeds are bad and horrible. There was blood everywhere. CarLee stopped crying and realized she had blood on her hands (forget the huge amount coming from her nose) and started to freak out because it was on her hands. Then she realized it was on my arm. "Mommy you are bleeding! stop bleeding! Mommy you have a boo-boo!" I then had to tell her no Mommy is not bleeding you are. Once her nose stopped bleeding and I was able to get my heart to beat again, all was good. Needless to say CarLee pretty much got whatever she wanted last night. Oh, and as soon as Lee got home. "Daddy I slipped and fell in the tub, I hurt my nose." There shall never be secrets in this house. Someone told me today, she won't remember it and I will never forget it. I bet she is right on the money with that.

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