Friday, July 17, 2009

The Stool

So we are going to my Nanny's tomorrow, and we never tell CarLee till the day we go. She just gets a little too excited about going. Well, Ms Debbie slipped and told her she was going to see my Nanny (Ms Debbie did this so CarLee would not be sad about missing a b-day party tomorrow). So, when I picked her up all I heard was I wanna go to my Nana's house (and let me just say that up until today CarLee called her Nanny as well). Well I was looking for something to hold my stickles (scrapbooking stuff) and went to AC Moore. While looking for what I wanted CarLee decided that Nana need a stool, then CarLee decided it needed to be purple, and last but not least that it needed sparkles. She picked out 2 shades of purple and then some purple sparkles (I did not help at all). I then got her some foam paint brushes. All the way home she talked about how her and Nana were gonna paint this tomorrow at Nana's house. We were home about hour and she came up to me and said, "I need to paint the stool at my house." So I set everything up and she painted the stool, she did tell me that I had to help. I painted half of the top and filled in her "no" paint areas, but for the most part she did this herself.

See she did a good job.

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