Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Claire is Here.. Finally......

This is Baby Claire.

My friend Lisa and her husband Daniel had their little girl last night. I am so happy for them. This baby was very much wanted and loved. Lisa is doing great and is a beautiful mother. Daniel well he is looking pretty tired. I hate to tell him living with two ladies that feeling ain't going away anytime soon. Their little family is complete. I love being around these two (well now these three). They love each other and really like each other. They are really sweet and it warms my heart to know that my friend has that. I makes my heart swell to know that she cherishes it. I know they are going to make great parents.

Lisa and I have been friends since the 11th grade. That was a long time ago. She is the friend that if I go a little to long without talking to her (which I am sometimes bad about) once we are talking its like we just talked yesterday. Over the last 12 years or so we have seen each other thru some times, some good, some bad and well ALOT of weird and odd times. I love her and I am glad that I got to meet little Claire today, its one more thing we will share together. I do feel a little guilty while at the hospital I did talk an awful lot about my little girl. After I left I was like I talked alot about me and it really should have been all about her and her little girl.

Doesn't she look like a natural Mommy?

Okay well on another note.. we are going to try Dance Class AGAIN tomorrow. So be looking for an update on that either tomorrow or Friday. Today however let me show you CarLee's new favorite shoes. (someone gave these to us and we have 2 pairs in 2 different sizes)

Ain't she Cute?

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