Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Dance class is Over With

We made it to another dance class today. I think she forgot she quit last week. She of course had to wear her boots. She did change into her dance slippers once we were there though. She had a treat too, her Papa Tony met us up there and she was very excited to see him. So into the class she went. We had a few times during the class where she wanted to do her own thing, but for the most part she did really well today. I am very proud of her. Her dance teacher even said she was doing much better. So I guess we will make it the next two weeks.

This CarLee finally doing what she is supposed to do.

On another note she had 2 potty accidents today this after having NONE yesterday. I guess maybe we are getting a little better. Only 3 weeks left till we start daycare. She better get on the ball.

I took this of the sky on the way home. The sun was trying to peak thru.
It's rained everyday since Monday, even a little sunshine is a welcomed gift.

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