Thursday, January 19, 2012

way tO much going ON upstairs

I am sure this is what i look like when i am deep in thought. LOL

 So, this is going to be a long drawn out post. I have had alot on my mind lately and well I should have posted before now, but yeah whatever.  I have a long list of things I should have done sooner.

1.)  Driving home late Tuesday night. (I am laughing at myself for saying late, it was 6:30 pm) From Lake City I missed my Firebird so much.  I do not even have a digital picture of it.  I am so sure i have one on film though.  I was driving home alone and all of suddenI wished I was driving that car.  I never miss that car when I have CarLee.  I missed it.  I missed the speed, missed the changing of the gears, missed the stereo, missed the irresponsibilty that car gave me. (or at least made me feel like i was irresponsible).  I am never irresponsible. (okay lets not count my addiction to joann's or michaels)  I always do what I am supposed too.  I always do the right thing.  Sometimes, I just want that car back to make it fly down the part of Normandy. Between 301 and 10. I would have killed to have made that firebird fly on Tuesday night.  I think I would have loved to feel just a tad irresponsible. Nope. Drove my HHR within speed limits.  oh, and no texting.  I did have my iPod cranked up though.

2.)  Nanny had her surgery.  I spend half the day at the hospital with her today.  She was out of it.  She told me once I had this baby (I am so not pregnant, and honestly I am big, but I do not look pregnant) I need to have another one.  A little girl. WOW okay Nanny. Crazy Loopy Lady.  Then she proceeded to tell me that Nikki had killed Mary Anne.  See, this would have caused me alarm (bestie with the name nikki) but I had ready the cover of soap opera digest. Nanny still watches Young and the Restless.  She also seemed to think the hospital was Eric's house. Eric is my cousin.  She went on and on about how she loved his great big house.  So I told Lee about that.  Oh, no big mistake.  Lee came back with tell her, I just saved a bunch of baby bunnies from a burning pet store.  The fire cheif said I was a hero.  So, like an idiot I told my Nanny that.  She looked at me- well when is he bringing me them bunnies to raise?  Did I mention I love this crazy crazy loopy lady?  As, I walked out the door to come home. She says, Thanks for Putting up with me. Even now I smile at that. Put up with her?  How many times have I called that woman and unburdened myself? I should thank her every day for putting up with me.

3.)  So CarLee had a bad couple of days at school.  Her agenda said she was talking to much.  That she was talking when she was not supposed to.  Also, she would not stop talking once told too.  So, I asked my Girl Kid, "CarLee, why would you not stop talking?" (she looks at me like I am half stupid) "Cause I got alot to say." 1 point CarLee, 0 for Mommy.
This article is so freaking awesome.  This lady explains so much so well.  I cherish every day and every moment with my kid.  I promise you that.  I also will not lie, at times if i could hide some where where she could not find me. I would still be there right now.  CarLee don't touch that, okay she says as she reaches for something extremely breakable and pics it up.  Mommy I am hungry, CarLee what do you want?  I dont know.. (um really?) all of this is recited by the whiniest voice ever.  I do not let my child wonder all over the store or act a fool. (okay I dont let her act a fool all the time).  Yet, some times when i get onto her in public, I get looked at as if I have created some crime.  But, I assure you the same old hags looking at me like that for getting onto her, would be the same ones whispering "she should make her child mind" if I did let her act a fool ALL the time. which acting a fool comes so naturally to her.  Look at her parents.

I have so much more to say... or write..... or type... but, its past my bedtime. wonder if Lee is still awake........

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