Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Changes?

That right now- is something i am trying to do.  Love this beautiful life God has blessed me with.  I am working everyday to be a better person.  I want to be who my daughter already believes me to be.  In her eyes - and God's eyes I am so much more.  I want to be so much more. so that's me. Thanking God for blessing me with my Crazy Beautiful Life.

Here is an update on this Crazy Life I have.

Sunday first Sunday back at church.  All great there.  No judgement for missing 2 months, just hugs and such.  Love the members of my Church.

Monday- wow.  I have no way to describe this day.  Went to work and was busy so I was working. Doing my thing. I walked on my lunch break with my friend Liz.  We walked 2 miles and had some good deep conversation.  My legs were on fire though.  I got backed to my desk and my manager called me to her office.  "we are re-organizing, and your position has been eliminated." dude.  What else can i say.  I packed my desk and was out the door. I could say so much more, but really there is no point.

Tuesday - job search, which is so not fun.  Looked on line all day.
Wed - much of the same, worked in my scrapbook room.  Church in the evening.
Thursday - worked in my scrapbook room, got stuff ready for my yard sale to benefit a friend.
      I picked CarLee up from school and we went to Publix, where i proceeded to knock out her front tooth.  I know I am such a good mommy.  It was a total accident, but it happened.  Then we got home and lost the lost tooth.  How do I manage to do these things?  As an organized mom - I fail.  She did not even care, never mentioned the tooth fairy.  She is not even excited about the tooth fairy after the first tooth.
Friday - chiropractor and massage.  This is my last visit before my insurance runs out.  Then had lunch with my girls.  Susie, Liz and Sherry from my last job and one of my besties Karen. It was a good lunch.  It was nice to hang out.  Then it was home to get more stuff ready for the yard sale.

Today, Saturday it was yard sale. I raised 150.00 for my friend.  I am so excited.  I can not wait to give it to her.  It made me feel real good.  I am so blessed to be able to do this.

This week coming up asking for prayers. My nanny has to have surgery on Tuesday.  Please pray that this all goes well.  Please pray that this heals her stomach. This lady means so much to me.  I can never put into words all that she is. She is great.  She is fun, and strong.
She has been my nanny, my mommy, my friend, confident, buddy, and so much more.  She is my history, my past, she holds my present and with all my whole heart I pray that she is in my future for a long time more.

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