Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lookin back with him

(so i may have posted this picture before but he does not let me take pictures of him)

I heard a song by Craig Morgan called “Lookin Back With You”. This song is what I feel everyday with my husband. I treasure everyday with him. I look back at our life apart, how we met, how we got married, and how we have moved forward together. I know that he puts up with a lot from me. I could not put up with me and CarLee the way he does. Yet, he does it day after day and 99.99% he does it with a grin. He works very hard to take care of this little family that we have. So I know things are a little stressed right now. But this song is what I look forward too…

so the words in bold are the ones that really hit home for me. we met at ed white and got married at the orange park womens club. he fixes cars at his dads (now in our garage). and we can not believe that carlee is 4.

We met when I was stationed at Fort Campbell,Got married in the front yard at your Dad's,I played guitar and sang my songs down at the Hatry,Then one day we settled down to what we have,We made a picture perfect life together,Got memories in our head and every room,One day we'll be too old to do what we used to do,But I look forward to lookin' back with you.When we're sittin' on our front porch in our cracker pair of rockers,And we no longer dye the gray out of our hair,Sit and laugh and talk about all the things that we went through,I look forward to lookin' back with you.

I can't believe Ali's already drivin'And Kyle rides with her to their high school,It wont be long until they've both gone off to college,Baby, I look forward to lookin' back with you.
When my new truck is my old truck,And I take off these big ol' tyres,And it's out turn to slow down traffic everywhere,Spend our winters in a motorhome parked down in Cancun,Yea I look forward to lookin' back with you.Oooh if our maker calls and takes me,And leaves you here alone,Don't be sad because I'm not that far away,Once again hand in hand we'll walk the far side of the moon,I look forward to lookin' back with you,Oh baby,I look forward to lookin' back with you.

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