Friday, January 1, 2010

Roasting Marshmellows

Okay CarLee spent New Years Eve with Papa Tony. They went to the movies and saw a Princess and a Frog, this was CarLee's first trip to the movies. This was so Lee and I could have a night alone. It was also his 32nd birthday. The plan was I was to drive to Ponte Vedra and we were going to roast marshmellows. I stopped and bought the stuff to make smores too. I got there and CarLee was so excited. She kept asking about doing marshmellows now. Tony had the fire going. So we went to work roasting marshmellows. CarLee wanted to do it herself, this freaked both me and Papa Tony out. Her first attempt ended with ashes all over the marshmellow. Her second attempt ended with her telling us she did not like them and that she wanted to go home. (oh and telling me she did not want me to take her picture). I felt really bad for Papa Tony he has wanted to do this with CarLee for a while now. I guess we will try it again later. Kids.... they never do what you want them too.

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