Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Girl Kid

I wanted to take a few minutes and write down/record some stuff about her at this particular time.
* she calls me Mommyia right now... Not sure where it comes from.
* She is in LOVE with her my little poines
* She says "Oh Man " when told something that does not make her happy.
* Are you Kidding me? and You Drivin Me crazy are some of her other favorites to say
* Her favorite person would still be her Papa Tony.. not sure why? LOL
* Her hair is a little stringy despite my attempts to brush it,
it always looks like she just woke up
* She is Picky about which pajamas/nightgown she wears to bed
* Her imagination is something that is beyond understanding right now.
Mostly she amazes me everyday. I love all of the things that she does and love watching the world thru her eyes. She is this amazing little person who makes my life full of wonder and love. I hope I am giving her half of what she is giving me.

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