Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It’s time for change. I posted that on my facebook page this morning. I had no clue how true that would be by the end of the day. I got what they are calling “SOFT” notice from my job.

So it seems its time for change. I have had so much going on since January and it seems like more is on its way. Did I mention that I am not BIG on change; in fact I am pretty much happy with the same old same old. But since the beginning of the year I have been on a roller coaster of change.

My dad was in the hospital, had major surgery, then to rehab (for strengthening) now he is with me. I mean he is sleeping on the couch at my house. WOW. CarLee has been sick lastly with a case of pneumonia, but its getting better. Then today… I got my soft notice. Yippee

So It appears change is coming my way, rather I want it to or not. So I am trying to remember:

God has a plan GREATER than Mine.

So I am holding on to my faith, and that God has a plan and that it is so much greater than the one I have. Faith that God is walking with me.

So the picture does not go with the post.. but she is too stinking cute!

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