Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So What Room holds the most Memories?

I am going to be posting random things from time to time.. I guess this is one of them. I found some writing prompts and some of them really appealed to me.

I think the kitchen or at least my kitchen holds the most memories. In my life the kitchen/dinning areas are where a lot of memories are made. Food is prepared there, and plans are made. I look back to when I was little and everyone could fit into my Nanny’s kitchen. We have a pretty big family too. Plus news both good and bad seems to be given to me when I am in the kitchen.

I know that is probably not the cast but to me it seems to be the case. I currently do not have my dream kitchen. One day I will have my dream kitchen, so everyone could gather there. My mother-n-law and aunt have 2 of my favorite kitchens. They are both a good size (the kitchens not my mother n law or my aunt) and they both of center islands with sitting areas. There is room to gather and still room to do kitchen work. A lot of talking takes place in the kitchen. So I think it’s a room that holds a lot of memories.

1.) While I was cooking dinner one night in the first kitchen of the first place me and Lee lived in together, he decided to bother, pester, and aggravate me. I told him that if he did not leave me alone I would break an egg on his head. He kept on and well I cracked on egg on his head.

2.) In the second kitchen of the second place we lived in together (which was right next door to the 1st place we ever lived in) I got news that my baby cousin Allen and his girlfriend were going to have a baby before me. I sat down and cried like a baby in the middle of the kitchen floor. It was also in this kitchen 6 months later that Lee saw the cheapest set of pregnancy tests (bought 2 for $5.99 @ Publix) I had bought after we decided to get pregnant. He looked at the box then looked at me and said, “Go take it, go take both of them.” Both tests were positive.

3.) In the kitchen I have now memories happen all the time. My 3 year old ice skates on the floor, helps me bake and points at stuff that she wants and tells me its her favorite. This is also where we fight about what she will eat for breakfast, dinner and fight about her taking her medicine. It was also this kitchen I got the new that my cousin Scooter had passes away in a car accident at the age of 18. It was horrible news and I admit I lost it. But both my mom and dad were there with me. It was the first time in years (like 13 years) they had been in the same room together.

So in my life the kitchen is a room that holds tons of memories for me.

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