Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st Happy Birthday Cheryl Mosley

I want to take time today to say Happy Birthday to the most amazing Mother in Love.
She truly has the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone! She is also alot of fun and some of my best nights have been with her. Seeing Garth Brooks, meeting Billy Currington, seeing Keith Urban and Gary Allen. She has done so much and is truly one of those women who know how live life to the fullest. Her stories are amazing and funny. Yet she ALWAYS manages to be there whenever anyone needs her. She would go out of her way for anyone and she has (even those who never appreciate it!) She loves me constantly even when I am a witch (4th of July parade this year, sorry about that.) She wants everyone to know just how special they are, and goes out of her way to prove it to them. She loves unconditionally and truly. So today let's celebrate this NASCAR lovin, Country Music Listenen, Gone With the Wind collector, Mother, Sister, Friend, Aunt, Granny, former Bad A*S, no longer an all night partyer, and amazing women. My life is better because she is in it. Thanks for all you do and for always being you! I love you. I hope the next 50 years are as much fun as the first 50. I can not wait to see how your number one customizes the first wheel chair (just kidding we are a long way from there!)

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