Friday, December 3, 2010

Black Apples December 3rd

Well, most people would see a black apple and think yuck, gross. I see them and want to ram my head against the nearest wall. These days black apples are the vain of my existence. They are the definition of how well my Girl Kid behaved. These week I have seen way too many Black Apples. She received 3 of them on Tuesday. She decided to hold a bunch of other kids hostage in the tree house at recess. She made them all cry. Okay that was not nice, but really they are 3 and 4 years old why cry? Why not just push her out of the way? Knock her down or something? Yeah, I know then I might be saying little punks- I can not believe they pushed her down. But, for now I am sticking to just push her out of the way and leave the tree house! Too Shay! Also, that day she decided not to listen to her teacher at ALL. In fact she took that a step farther and tried to get everyone else to stop listening and to stop paying attention. Can anyone say Ring Leader? So that day ended with 3 black apples and no TV for her when she got home.
On to Wednesday, wow only 1 Black Apple. I was like that's not so bad, she did not sleep the night before. At all, period. She had a bad dream. She dreamt that her and I went to someones house where they had a cat that walked on 2 legs and it hit her. (yeah really whoever's house that was, please get your 2 legged cat under control) So again no TV for her.
Yesterday, Thursday I just knew with my whole heart that she had a good day. I felt it, her Daddy felt it. (I mean just because my day sucked butt....) I knew I was gonna pick her up and NO Black Apples. WRONG. She got 5 Black Apples. Not 1 not 2 not 3 but 5. She did not listen at all not even a little bit, it was the theme of the day. It was like Ms Deb was punishing herself by writing, Would not listen, would not listen, would not listen over and over again on the note that she left for me. Also, again with being mean to her friends. Every time she was allowed to play she would be mean to anyone around her. They made her sit out, tried again, she was mean again. So no TV again last night. I got onto her in front of her class, I did not yell, I simply stated that it was bad and wrong to be mean to her friends and made her tell all of the kids left at school/daycare that she was sorry. All of these kids were like "It's okay," "We forgive you." very nice. Then when we got in the car I made her cry, I told her she could not see Papa Tony until she had a good day. I know I am horrible right? The meanest mommy ever.
So, I am at a loss, and have developed a deep fear of Black Apples. Seriously these flat paper Black Apples can make me cry and make me want to bang my head against the wall. I feel like I am raising a monster. My Nanny thinks its funny. She is like how many today? "5" Good job she worked hard. That's how that conversation goes. (Me rolling my eyes @ my Nanny, which I can so do because I am in Jacksonville and she is in Wellborn and can not see me rolling my eyes @ her.) Any suggestions on what to do? I am at a loss. We threaten no Santa and have not even put up the Christmas tree, to reinforce that.
Praying for no BLACK APPLES today.
PS - story - Lee went to check on her last night about 11pm, to make sure she was covered. He checked on her and closed the door. I heard her (because we still use the baby monitor) say, "Who'd there?" heard Lee open her door again. "Is it you or the Monster?" - Lee "Me or you a monster?" CarLee, "No I am a people, I thought you were the Monster." Lee " No, whats your name?" CarLee, "CarLee." Lee "Good night CarLee." "Night Daddy."
Really who is this Monster and when did it start living in my house?

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