Thursday, October 1, 2009


This is CarLee when we got home today, Having a snack and saying CHEESE, with cheese.
Well it is Thursday and I am very happy about that. It means tomorrow is Friday. (How many of you really needed to be reminded of that?) I am so ready for the weekend. I am going to hang out with Nikki and a bunch of other really cool women. I am going to be trying something new this weekend. Instead of scrapbooking, I am going to attempt card making. I am going to make some Halloween cards and some Christmas cards. I want them to turn out really cool but we shall see. I just want to do something that will make me feel creative, accomplished and like I did a lot.

CarLee will be going home with her Papa Tony tomorrow. She is still sleeping with her unicorn costume. She is such a crazy CarLee. I love her and all that she is. She puts on her costume and runs around yelling, “Giddy Up, Cowboy Unicorn!” It is actually very amusing.

I am also putting out flyers for the next couple of months for doing family sessions, for $50.00. I hope that gets me some more business and some really good word of mouth. Plus I would really like something different. So I am suggesting I follow people to the pumpkin patch to go pick out their Christmas tree or come over while they decorate their tree. I hope this works. I just love taking pictures and trying to capture a moment, that might not get captured any other way.

Other than the above nothing else is happing at the Minyard house. My Nanny seems to be doing okay, enjoying the semi-fall like weather. (It’s been getting down to the 50’s at night and high 70’s in the day.) Daddy came over last night and watched me and the Girl Kid color. Lee worked for his dad last night. It also seems that he will be working all weekend too and next weekend. He works all the time. I am trying to do what I can to make his life easier. I honestly believe sometimes I make it harder. I am seriously working on that. He deserves for things to be a little bit easier on him. I really hope he gets the galaxy fixed.

I do not know if I will post anything over the weekend. I am super excited about seeing all my scrapbooking friends. They are all super talented and some are just a riot.

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