Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somer Rene Thompson

Somer Rene Thompson

We had a child go missing in Orange Park, on Monday. Today they found a body they believe to be her. She was 7 years old. How can anyone harm a child? I feel bad and want to cry just from getting onto mine. I can not fathom the pain and loss that this little girls parents/family are feeling. My dad lives pretty close to where this happened. I used to ride my bike and walk all over the place around where this little girl went missing. Home before dark was the rule. CarLee will never know that rule. I will never let her know that rule. Yet, that rule defined so much of my own childhood. I really can not even imagine letting her walk down to check our mailbox. I know that times have changed, but how do I give her freedom and still keep a watchful no never mind a constant eye on her.

As a parent I want to protect her without scaring her. We went to Publix yesterday and someone was passing out flyers of this missing little girl and CarLee asked, "Mommy is that me?" I was like thank God its not you baby.

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