Monday, June 14, 2010

Who she is.....

So we were riding in the car the other day and CarLee told me why we named Sharkbait, Sharkbait. Let's everyone remember that I had Sharkbait about 3 years before I even got pregnant with her. She was like "Mommy, Sharkbait is Sharkbait because he has brown spots." This totally through me for a loop. Sharkbait is named Sharkbait, because Lee is a little off in the head. I then proceeded to ask CarLee why Sushi was called Sushi. "Because he is yellow Mommy." So today, when all 3 of us where in the car I asked CarLee why we named Sharkbait, Sharkbait and Sushi, Sushi. This was for Lee's benefit. She answered the same way she had the other day. So Lee then asked CarLee why her name was CarLee to which my four year old amazing daughter replied, "Because I have toes." (It sounded like she rolled her eyes after answering.) She then told me and her daddy that her whole name is CarLee Michelle Minyard, but to Ms "B" is CarLee Barley. I would like to have kept going but, was unable to stop laughing long enough to ask her why I was named Kim or Mommy.

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