Thursday, June 3, 2010

For a friend

Never will I understand why you could not stay,The world is not the same since you went away.I have not seen your sweet smile,In such a long while.Will I ever know the reason,I had you for such a short season?I go on moment by moment knowing something is wrong,Yet, always doing what it takes to stay strong.Days pass, life moves on and time goes by,and sometimes that is enough to make me cry.I hold your memory in my heart, believing we are truly never apart.I can not wait for the day,When I look at you and say,"I have missed you."and you reply, "Mommy, me too."
By: Kim Minyard 06/02/2010

I have a friend who suffered a great loss, many years ago. To her I am sure it seems like just yesterday and yet so long ago. I do not know how she managed to go on after such a deep loss. We were not friends when this happened. Yet, I am deeply moved that she and her family remember Jessica in such a special way. This year they went to visit her and released ballons sending her hugs, and kisses. She still states that she has 5 children. I admire her for this (along with numerous other reasons). For any mother who has lost a child my heart goes out to you.

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