Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful Day 1

I wanted to let everyone know that I was thankful for my daughters imagination. I am sitting in the Computer/Scrapbook room listening to her. 1.) I am so trying not to laugh (because its Funny) 2.) Trying not to cry because one day I know she won't use it as much or it might not entertain her the way it is right not.
For example I bought her this puzzle mat from the dollar tree, it was a dollar and has only 9 pieces. Yet, the puzzle is having a conversation with itself. (the characters are mickey mouse clubhouse). Then I hear her put a piece of change in her piggy bank.. and she yells score.. Like she was shooting hoops. I had no clue she even knew what score was. I guess maybe its bad to ease drop on your child. Well, forgive me I can not help it. It's the bright spot of my day. I hope this imagination makes up for her not having a brother or sister to play with. She keeps herself amused and when I catch a secret glimpse into her world it makes mine a whole lot happier.

So here it goal is to at least 10 days this month to write about something that I am thankful for.. I hope to do it more.. but honestly I do not want to feel let down if I can't do it more than that. So I settled on a goal of 10 times.

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