Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today I am thankful for my family. The family I was born into, the family I married into and the one that opened its arms to me when I felt like I was alone.

I have to say that I always wanted a HUGE family and now I have a HUGE HUGE family. My tiny family is me and lee and CarLee. Then there is another layer and then another layer and some more family and I am thankful for every person that makes up my family. I feel truly blessed tonight. I had dinner with my mother in law and my brother in law and aunt Pam and Kristen tonight (plus lee and CarLee) I guess that has me feeling sentimental. Cale turned 11 today. First I will straight up admit I forgot his birthday. I feel like such a heal (actually alot worse). It was so nice to have dinner and talk and be with everyone. I really also can not believe that he is 11 already. It seems like yesterday is was barely walking. So on the way home I think i got a little emotional. I have so many good people in my life. I have such an awesome family and feel really blessed. I can talk to my mom about anything, i have a sister that if I yelled loud enough she would be there. After years of not having a relationship with my real dad we are doing really good. I LOVE my in-laws and truly enjoy spending time with them. Jay is funny and Cheryl is tons of fun. Cale is Cale which is just perfect. My nanny is getting to spend time with my daughter (okay and she is like my favorite person). I have aunts and uncles that will and have been there for me. Cousins that I might not talk to that often but I know without a doubt we would all go to the mat for each other. Then there is Tony and this whole other family that so taught me so much more about love and what it means to be a family. They opened the hearts to me and accepted me for no other reason than I was me. I am thankful that my daughter will know all of these people as her family. She is so lucky to get a chance to love and be loved by them all. I am a little sad about some of the family that has gone on to heaven without her knowing them... but hey the way I look at it... She has some really AWESOME guardian angels looking out for her.

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