Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful day 2

I am very thankful that I have the chance to be a mother to CarLee. I wanted a baby so bad and Lee wanted to wait. This went on for like four years. Then finally everything came together and we got pregnant. I am so thankful for the waiting because I got CarLee. She is the perfect little girl for me and Lee. I look at her sometimes and I am completely taken aback by how much of her daddy she has in her. I am sometime caught of guard by the parts of me she has. Yet I can honestly say CarLee is totally her own person. She is so independent and has such personality. We have friends that have a little boy named Hunter (he is like12 now). When he was little he had so much personality, that when i was pregnant I would rub my belly and say I hope she has personality like Hunter. I so got what I wished for. She has never been a docile child. She is stubborn and hard headed and does things her way in her time frame. Potty training was a complete nightmare.. it took forever. Yet for a child who was addicted to the pacifier (had to suck one and hold one in her hand to sleep) breaking her of that took only two days.
I am thankful that God sent me this little angel. That he is letting me be her mother. It is the greatest feeling when she hugs me and says, "Mommy I LOVE you."
I am thankful for everyday that I get to be her mommy.

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