Monday, May 24, 2010

funny and something i want to remember.

okay so its time for CarLee's bath tonight. Lee is getting her ready, then she starts to cry. I go to my room and she is in my bed crying. I asked, Lee whats wrong he says I dont know. I asked CarLee and she just keeps on crying. I threaten to take her tv away. She keeps crying. Lee brings me the spoon and she gets swatted on her hiney. she stops crying and then starts again. I strip her down and carry her to her bathroom and dump her in the waiting bath water. Lee then hands me the pitcher we use for rinsing her hair. CarLee continues to cry. We still have no idea why she is crying, but she wont stop and will not tell us whats wrong. Okay so then I fill the pitcher up and dump it on her head. Childish but this made me feel better. I handed Lee the pitcher and he dumps it on her. he hands me the pitcher and i attempt to dump more water on the crying girl kid and end up dumping half of it on lee. well that leads to him dumping water on me on purpose. Before I can react he dumps water on himself, and then more on me. (Yes, CarLee is still crying for no reason.) Then Lee gets in to the tub with CarLee.. he is still fully clothed from the day, shorts, socks, shirt. Well, i ended up in the tub too. CarLee is still crying, the harder her stupid parents laugh the louder she cries. Poor Kid, she got stuck with us. It was truly funny. This is my imperfect life that is so perfect for me.

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  1. Wow that had me laughing out loud :) Beth